Delphi, the largest and most famous of the religious centers  in ancient Greece is located on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos. The setting is dramatic (that word isn’t strong enough!) and the walk up to the stadium is long and steep. In most ancient times (1600’s BC) the oracle was dedicated to Ge or Gaia, Earth Mother and Goddess and her consort, Poseidon. They were later succeeded by Apollo, son of Zeus,  who left his birthplace on the Island of Delos and moved here. The new god enlightened men with new principles, the disgarding of savage customs (more bloodshed does not expiate bloodshed- a shot at the Old testament eye for an eye!) the quest for harmony & order and the reconciling of opposites in the spirit of compromise. Apollo also had the gift of prophecy and he spoke with the will of Zeus. (I wonder what Jesus knew of Apollo. Certainly Greek culture was known in Israel.)

His pronouncements (through the priests) dealt with questions of great political import and of small personal matters. By the Roman conquest in 168 BC the political influence of the sanctuary was waning. The last prophesy was said to have been given to Emperor Julian , The Apostate (361-363 AD) A village was later built over the site. In 1892 the village was razed and excavations were begun. No question. Delphi is a must see!

Delphi- The Site